Friday, 18 November 2011

Gold 2 at the Hungaroring

Race day.
Oh the rain!  Out of 26 races in Budapest it has only rained twice before, so it seemed weird turning up with waterproofs. Would you call it karma that we got wet in Budapest so we get the first dry race in twenty years in Spa? 
Lots of good places to watch the race from at the Hungaroring but we choose Gold 2 grandstand for these reasons...

Driver track parade.

Wheeling Lewis to the grid.

Alonso feeling relieved after having a wee.
Farting around with Ferraris.

And of course Schumi baby. 
And all that before the race even starts!
Was a great race, perhaps made more interesting by the rain.   Obviously gutted that Schumi suffered a broken gearbox on lap 26, but very much enjoyed Button's win, especially as it was his 200th race and a fitting anniversary of his first F1 victory in Hungary 2006.

                Another great reason to sit in Gold 2.  No need to run to see podium action.

These people did run.  What a fantastic atmosphere.  Love it! 
                                                   Can't wait for next year...

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