Sunday, 27 November 2011

Money versus talent

I know money is extremely important in F1, the amount it takes to run a successful team is outrageous. But is it not ludicrous when talent like Nico Hulkenberg ,who got pole position in Brazil 2010, is overlooked for a seat in favour of chinny chin chin Maldonado just because he can offer the reddies?

First pole position for Williams in 5 years and he gets dropped!?
What is with Williams?  Now they are keeping the chin meister over Barrichello, even though he has underperformed in comparison, because he brings the bolivar.  It seems that it is money versus talent and money is winning.
Williams are not the only team.  50 % of the teams on the grid had not announced driver line up for next year at the close of season.  What are they waiting for?  Are they working out who brings the biggest bucks?
Teams hire drivers who bring money but do they bring talent?  If you have talent in a team and you are gaining points finishes, the team will be rewarded financially.  Which approach do you take?  I know which is morally better and I know which provides higher quality racing.

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