Saturday, 17 March 2012

Excitement ahead.

Am still happy after qualifying.  Schumi in 4th with Rosberg only managing 7th.  While an 8th world championship for Michael would be the most amazing thing ever, I would settle for him outperforming his team mate over the course of the season.

I have been very much amused by the accusations by Red Bull and Lotus that Mercedes have illegal technology on their car.  Red Bull stamping their feet because they are not the best anymore and Lotus wanting to be the top team outside the big 3 (or big 2 because Ferrari are nowhere.)  Still I'm sure Ross Brawn can cope with the moans, after all, he put up with it when Benetton were winning in 1994 and 95, and then during the Schumacher/Ferrari years.  Every year accusations fly about one team or another and I'm quite excited about it being about Mercedes this year.  It looks like its going to be a closely fought, exciting season.

New Mercedes WO3.  Full of secrets...

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