Saturday, 21 April 2012

The not so secret side of Schumacher

Last week, it was mentioned with surprise that Schumacher was very gracious after his race was prematurely ended due to a mistake in a pit stop.  There has always been a misguided perception that he is not a team player.  While it must have hurt to see Rosberg take the first win for Mercedes, he seemed genuinely pleased for the team. 

Michael acknowledges the fans despite his disappointment.

Today, after a DRS problem with the car in qualifying 3, he could again be seen walking around the paddock with a smile on his face.

After breaking his leg at Silverstone in 1999, Schumacher found himself in the position of seeing team mate Eddie Irvine close to taking the first world championship for Ferrari since 1979.  Being an accolade he clearly wanted for himself, few thought he would do anything to help his team mate take what was supposed to be his.  However, in the penultimate race in Malaysia, having taken the lead, he then moved over to let Eddie take the victory.  This is a humble side to his character that is always there, but due to his discipline and focus on winning, is usually overlooked. 

Eddie on the top step, after being handed the win by Michael.

Contrast this to an interview with Rosberg following qualifying today when he clearly couldn't hide his glee about Michael starting in 17th.  Rosberg is a lazy parasite who doesn't put the work in (his own words) and just hangs around reaping the rewards from the experience and hard toil of others. 
Congratulations to Sebastian Vettel on his first pole of the season.  While I hope it isn't the start of another domination as seen in 2011, he works hard and is fully deserving of it.

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