Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Special Allowances for Maldonado?

Maldonado's retrospective twenty second penalty seems a little lenient considering the fact that he had four wheels off the track, then came back on, running Lewis into a wall.  Surely this is worse than the misjudgement Schumacher made when he ran into the back of Senna in Spain.  Following the infamous incident at Hungary in 2010 with Barrichello, there was uproar about his apparant ramming of the Brazilian into the wall.  Where is the same uproar when Pastor actually does it?

Martin Whitmarsh has told Lewis that he should be wary of  the hotheaded Maldonado and drive accordingly.  Why should these allowances be made for him?  They wouldn't be made for Lewis. 

Kobayashi was handed a 5 place grid penalty for the British GP for his tangle with Massa and John Eric Vergne will move 10 places back  for his collision with Kovalainen.  These are much harsher penalties, where is the justice?

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