Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Flying with Daniel Ricciardo

Who would have known that the flight to Budapest for the Grand Prix weekend in Hungary would be such an eventful one.  Having just sat in our seats, we noticed someone who looked remarkably like Daniel Ricciardo sitting across the aisle from us.  Not really being able to believe that he would just be getting some random low budget Easyjet flight we decided he was probably just the best look a like ever.  Until we saw that he had braces on his teeth.  What are the chances of someoone looking exactly like him, with braces, on a flight to Hungary, just before the Hungarian Grand Prix?  I decided I would seriously regret it if I didn't go and be really annoying and ask him for his autograph and a photo.

Clearly his friend thought it was all highly amusing.
In addition to this, sat right next to us, and dotted all round the plane, were members of the Marussia Racing Team.  I asked the man sitting next to us for his autograph to which he responded with a look of utter confusion and answered "I don't race, I am only part of the technical team."  I told him that there wouldn't be any racing if it wasn't for people like him.  He reluctantly signed my F1 racing magazine but I think he was secretly pleased.    

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