Sunday, 15 July 2012

Superficial Silverstone

The British Grand Prix always seems to have an air of the superficial about it, brought about by the myriad of celebrities who crawl out of the woodwork to attend because it is the place to be, and be seen on this particular weekend.

            Celebrities such as Jude Law, Goldie, and JB from JLS all got their faces snapped by media.

Chris Moyles and the producer from his Radio One show, who professes on air that he has no knowledge or interest in F1, were there for qualifying having been given a mud free parking space.  This is outrageous considering that real fans were told not to attend due to parking problems.  The wonderful atmosphere at Silverstone we all hear so much about, would be non existent without fans who attend because they actually enjoy, and possess some knowledge about the sport.  Yet it is the real fans who are let down in favour of desultory celebrities.

When Lewis Hamilton talks about the fans giving him an extra boost at the British Grand Prix, is he talking about the real fans or his celebrity chums?  Bring on Hungary, where the only celebrity guest you get on the grid is Niki Lauda.  That is how it should be. 

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