Sunday, 16 September 2012

Lewis' Big Gamble

The circus surrounding Lewis Hamilton and a possible move to Mercedes during the Monza weekend can't have been positive for relationships within the McLaren team.  Contract negotiations like this should be held behind closed doors, not aired for all to see.  Lewis' lifestyle is becoming increasingly celebrity driven and being managed by XIX Entertainment, who are responsible for the Pop Idol phenomenon, has made this possible move hugely public.

Lewis hanging out with Nicole and celebrity friends.

Despite the distractions, Lewis won in Monza, and McLaren have taken the chequered flag in the last three races.  Clearly, they have the most superior car at the moment.  Why is Lewis considering a move to Mercedes, who have showed glimpses of what they can do, but are nowhere near the title fight?  It can only be the lure of money. 

Over the past two years he has shown less and less respect for the team who have nurtured him since the age of 13.  Petchulant messages have been heard over the team radio when things haven't gone to plan and he often doesn't hide his opinions regarding the team in post qualifying or race interviews.  Putting telemetry on Twitter shows a huge lack of respect and intelligence. 

If Lewis thinks he is bigger than the team, then maybe they should just let him go.  There are plenty of other talented drivers out there, and it seems that Sergio Perez is at the top of the list, no doubt following his second place at Monza.  Lewis' decision might be made for him if McLaren decide they are fed up with the wrangling and choose to sign the young Mexican. 

Lewis sprays his possible successor with champagne on the podium at Monza last week.

Under the guidance of a high profile manager in Craig Pollock, Jacques Villeneuve left Williams after winning the 1997 World Championship for the new BAR team and a pay rise worth millions of pounds.  Look what happened there.  Maybe Lewis should learn from this sad tale. 

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