Friday, 7 September 2012

Vettel Shows His Mettle

The 2012 season has shown a different side to Sebastian Vettel.  Striving to win three World Championships in a row, a feat previously only achieved by Juan Manuel Fangio and Michael Schumacher, he has encountered a few more obstacles than he has been used to.  At times he has not appeared as jovial as he has in previous seasons. 

In 2011, the dominance of Vettel and the RB7 resulted in  a new record for most laps led in a season, meaning that the only obstacles he encountered for much of the year  were back markers.  When a driver spends a lot of time leading from pole it can lead you to wonder how good they really are, and coupled with the fact that the Red Bull was clearly the best car on the grid last year, we could be forgiven for wondering whether he really  is a baby Schumi or just reaping the benefit of superior machinery. 

Two fingers for two world championships.

This season seems to be revealing the former is the case. Watching Vettel having to slice his way through the pack has been far more interesting and is a reminder of why he became the youngest race winner ever in Monza in 2008, something he achieved in an uncompetitive Toro Rosso.

A fresh faced Vettel takes an unexpected win.

So can he become only the third driver to win three championships in a row?  His chances of winning in 2010 looked slimmer at this point in the season but the car was performing a lot better.  This year he has to contend with a car that is not the best in the field, not to mention all the other drivers who keep snapping up all the victories.  If he does accomplish that elusive third, consecutive title this season, it will be his most deserved and will stop any question about the ability of Sebastian Vettel.

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