Friday, 5 October 2012

Deluded Lewis?

Lewis Hamilton has been expressing his belief that the Red Bull, and not the McLaren, is the superior car this season.  However, lying only 36 points behind Red Bull, it is the McLaren that has seemed the stronger of the two.  Clocking up five victories between Lewis and Jenson, and dominating at least one of the free practice sessions every race weekend except Belgium and Singapore, would substantiate this.  In addition to this, McLaren have achieved half of all the pole positions for the races so far, in comparison with two from Red Bull.

Pole in Australia

Pole in Malaysia

Pole in Spain, before he was strippedof it in favour of Maldonado.

Pole in Hungary

Pole for Jenson in Spa

Pole in Monza

Pole in Singapore. 

Is Lewis Hamilton making these claims because he wants to appear to be a driver who can be the best in a car that isn't?  Sorry Lewis, but the evidence is to the contrary.

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