Sunday, 21 October 2012

Grand Prix of America

The much anticipated 2013 Grand Prix of America, to be raced along the Hudson River Waterfront, has been postponed until 2014 due to a need for further planning and development regarding facilities.  Was two years ever going to be long enough to put everything into place?  Facilitating a race around the streets of West New York is surely a task of mammoth proportions and they perhaps should have given themselves a little more time. 

Proposed track route

When the plans were revealed, the mayors of West New York and Weehawken stressed the importance of the race bringing enough financial benefits to their towns.  Bernie Ecclestone reportedly said "They missed the boat a little on some financing that was coming in."  How much interest is there for Formula One in America?  Is there room for Formula One in addition to all the other motorsport they enjoy?  Is there room for two events?  If it is a finance issue, it could mean a permanent shelving of the plans.

I sincerely hope that the race does come to fruition in 2014.  What could be better than the sight of beautiful Grand Prix cars snaking their way along the waterfront with the Manhatten skyline as a backdrop?  Postponing the race until 2014 already means that the exhilarating sound of the V8 engine will never be heard around the New York streets, as the switch will have been made to the noiseless V6 engines by then.

As for 2013, this postponement has affected the calendar and from a fans point of view it is not ideal to have one less race.  Having made way for the New Jersey race, will Valencia now be asked to step back in?  It is another street circuit, although not highly regarded, it was the scene of some exciting racing this season. 

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