Friday, 4 January 2013

Conspiracy Surrounding Hamilton's Move to Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton's life as a Mercedes driver has officially begun this week, a life that is set to last for at least three years.  However, certain comments made by Lewis and McLaren Team Principal Martin Whitmarsh since the announcement of the move, revealed a semblance of conspiracy. Speaking in November 2012, Whitmarsh told Sky Sports that he hoped Lewis would be taking a 'gap year' at Mercedes.  Further tinder was added to the smoldering embers of intrigue during an interview with Martin Brundle prior to the Brazilian Grand Prix.  When asked if he was sad to leave McLaren, Lewis answered. "Coming across here, this finish line for the last time with the team 'til who knows when is sad in many ways."

Martin Brundle interviews Lewis.

Neither of these responses have much finality about them.  They create a definite sense of the temporary despite the 2008 champion's three year contract at the Silver Arrows team.  Hamilton's home is at McLaren, the place where his talents were nourished and nurtured since the age of fifteen.  His switch to Mercedes will give him the opportunity to grow up, flourish and develop further, particularly in terms of leadership, away from the 'family'.  On his return, his new repertoire of talent will only be beneficial to McLaren.  

A touching moment between Hamilton and Whitmarsh in Austin shows the strong relationship between them.

So is his potential growth the reason Lewis is taking a 'gap' from McLaren or is there something else behind it?  In 2014, 2.4- litre V8 engines will be replaced by a 1.6-litre V6. Fuel economy will become paramount as the amount of fuel permissible will be lower, together with the fuel rate.  There will be more of a focus on the use of KERS, together with an extra electric machine used to recover energy from the heat of the exhausts.  Teams have already started working on this technology with Mercedes being at the forefront of the development along with Renault and Ferrari.  As McLaren will be supplied with Mercedes engines, any early information about their development would be treated like gold.  Could soon to be wise man Lewis Hamilton deliver the gold?  

Could the real reason for Lewis'  change of team be to spy for McLaren?  If so, imagine tensions that could be caused between the teams... Shaken and stirred.    

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