Friday, 2 August 2013

2013 Hungarian Grand Prix: Friday Practice in photos.

Going to F1 practice.  The best school trip ever?

A quick refresh in the pits for Alonso before another run.

Mark Webber visits the scrutineers.

Sebastian Vettel is wheeled back into his pit garage.

              Stilt walkers use water sprayers to keep fans cool.

                                                                      Kimi on track.

                     Niki Lauda out on the town in Budapest.  In deep conversation with Ross Brawn.

                                                        Jean Todt in the same restaurant.


  1. I think the best thing is seeing legends out eating, that is great. Stilts? Are they on them to be higher or some kind of advert?

  2. Photos of other legends to come! The stilt walkers weren't advertising anything, I think they were purely there to spray everyone with water. It was so hot!