Sunday, 30 October 2011

Friday practice

One of the best things about the Hungaroring is the support from the fans.  Full grandstands, even on a Friday which is what some of the newer circuits need to live up to.  Very often the people sat around you are different on a Friday to the rest of the weekend.  Tickets are cheap so they come for a good day out to watch some racing action and consume good beer and sausages.  The only problem is you get attached to the 'European fun guys' you meet on Friday, then they are gone...

Schumi  FP2  2010

Friday practice 2010

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Pit walk - Hungaroring

Have just bought tickets for Hungaroring for the third year running.  We love everything about it there, fabulous racing, fantastic atmosphere, tasty sausages and even a good few European fun guys thrown in.  Arriving for the pit walk on the Thursday, both years, Jake 'the humph' has been lurking around...
Jake in a cage
After the excitement of getting his autograph, then you get to see and do stuff like this...


Christian Horner wearing chinos in the Red Bull garage.
Stand on start/finish line

There's lots going on on a Thursday at the Hungaroring!

Famous Red Bull pit stop

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sunday, 16 October 2011

The longest grudge ever in the world.

Looking good for 7th in the Korean Grand Prix after having bad vibrations in qualifying, Schumacher was then nearly squidged by Petrov.  The on going bias of David Coulthard rears its ugly square head again, "Schumacher was innocent that time."  Will he ever get over the grudge he's had since Spa 98?

Schumi storms into the Mclaren garage after a collision with DC at Spa 98.

Racing in Korea. Seouless?

Great race today, and was glad to see more fans on race day than at qualifying.  But with so many grandstands virtually empty why does Bernie insist on having grand prix in these places when it means tracks are built 5 hours away from the nearest city?  His obsession with taking F1 to different places often translates to a lack of passion and atmosphere.  Racing in Korea - Seouless...

Saturday, 15 October 2011

I have to get my hands in one of these...

Was loving the debut of the Jenson Button puppet at the Japanese Grand prix.  My two favourite things; F1 and puppets, when joined together make the world a rosier place, quite literally, raising money for the Japanese tsunami fund.  Initial ridiculous excitement over the puppet turned to disappointment when I discovered they weren't available for general sale outside Japan.  Surely they would make more money if they were.  Excitement returned in abundance when I discovered that Michael Schumacher had also granted a license for a Schumi puppet to be made.   I have to get my hands in one of these... if anyone sees one pop up on Ebay let me know. 

Hanging out with Bernie

Kiss from Schumacher

After hearing about a horror show of a qualifying for Schumi on the phone while on way to Spa this year I had no idea what a fabulous grand prix it would turn out to be.  Specially for the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his debut in F1, I took along a flag made from iron on transfers and fabric pens.  As Schumacher passed us on the driver's parade we fired an airhorn ,which grabbed his attention, then I   waved my dodgy flag.  I was rewarded with a blown kiss.  That, together with his rise from the back of the grid to 5th, and a pass on Rosberg into the bargain made it rather special.  It even made the traffic caused by stupid roadworks outside Liege bearable.
Ha, nearly forgot, it was the first dry race in Belgium in 20 years, spooky... and weirdly the opposite to what happened to us in Hungary.  That's another tale to tell...