Sunday, 25 March 2012

The delusion of Rosberg

As part of race build up for Malaysia, it was put to Rosberg that he didn't work long into the night like Sebastial Vettel does.  His answer was that some drivers have natural talent and some have to work harder at it.  Am I making the wrong inference or does he seem to think he possesses more natural talent than Vettel?  What an outrageously egotistical, and completely deluded thing to say!  I have always seen Rosberg as being a little boy playing at racing because 'Daddy' did it, and this has done nothing to change that view.

Nico Rosberg with 'Daddy'. Keke Rosberg won the world championship in 1982

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

F1 on the BBC

Following on from my post about F1 on Sky, I have just started to watch the highlights on the BBC to make comparisons.  Not only is it great to hear Fleetwood Mac opening the program but this was preceeded by ACDC!  What could be better.  Come on Sky, you need to sort out your music choice for the opening title.  'Just Drive' by Alistair Griffin just doesn't build the tension like 'The Chain'. 

Sunday, 18 March 2012

I'm sad, nothing more to say.  Silver lining - Rosberg didn't get any points either.  Oh, and well done to Button.  I had such high hopes though...

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Excitement ahead.

Am still happy after qualifying.  Schumi in 4th with Rosberg only managing 7th.  While an 8th world championship for Michael would be the most amazing thing ever, I would settle for him outperforming his team mate over the course of the season.

I have been very much amused by the accusations by Red Bull and Lotus that Mercedes have illegal technology on their car.  Red Bull stamping their feet because they are not the best anymore and Lotus wanting to be the top team outside the big 3 (or big 2 because Ferrari are nowhere.)  Still I'm sure Ross Brawn can cope with the moans, after all, he put up with it when Benetton were winning in 1994 and 95, and then during the Schumacher/Ferrari years.  Every year accusations fly about one team or another and I'm quite excited about it being about Mercedes this year.  It looks like its going to be a closely fought, exciting season.

New Mercedes WO3.  Full of secrets...

The iceman cracks!

Ha!  So good to see Raikkonen proving everyone wrong and not being the stronger Lotus driver, qualifying a pitiful 18th.  Well done to Romain for his 3rd place on the grid.  See what can be achieved if you go out to practice in the rain Kimi...
"Practice in the rain!  Not for me."

Friday, 16 March 2012

What a start!

Ha!  What a fantastic start to the season for Schumacher.  Barely mentioned by any of the pundits or commentators as a strong contender for this year, look what happened in practice 1 and 2.  3rd and 1st fastest, whoop whoop!  

Of course its early doors and the Redbulls will probably storm FP3, but for now, I'm happy!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Having just read an article by James Allen, I feel worried about a possible move to Mercedes for Lewis for 2013.  Using the expertise of Schumacher to help develop the team, then moving in Lewis to reap the benefits?  That's not right, and imagine if Ferrari had done that for the 2000 season. 
Obviously this is just speculation but it will make watching Schumis races horrendously nerve shattering. 
Hopefully McLaren will be ultra competitive and Lewis won't want to snaffle up anyone's seat.

F1 on Sky

Like everyone else I felt angry when it was announced that half the races wouldn't be shown live on the BBC in 2012.  I thought the BBC coverage was great and was not impressed that we should have to pay to see live F1. 

But can you be a true fan if you don't pay to make sure you catch every bit of action?  Highlights don't give the whole picture.
Having upgraded my sky package I have to say I am very impressed with their coverage already, and the season hasn't even started yet.  I am getting to watch things never seen before; testing, car unveiling. 

Mercedes unveiling

There are reviews of classic seasons and interviews with drivers, current and legendary.  The 2011 season review has shown footage you wouldn't normally get to see.  The BBC just don't have the airtime to show all of this.
Martin Brundle recognised what Sky had to offer the fans when he decided to move, and now I understand why he made that decision. 

Sunday, 11 March 2012

A STEP in the wrong direction?

Yuk.  What is going on with the beaky nose of the 2012 cars?  The new stepped nose looks like a that of a witch.

 Notice any similarities?

How have Mclaren managed to avoid having his piece of grotesque machinery?

As usual, Mclaren take a different approach to the rest of the field.  Whether this affects their performance positively or negatively remains to be seen, but personally, I hope it is positive.  Then we might see the back of the stepped horrorshow and a return to beautiful cars.