Sunday, 27 May 2012

Schumacher's Pole

Golden rule of punditry - Never write off your star players!  No one should ever believe that Michael Schumacher is no longer able to deliver a lap like he did to get pole at Monaco.  When he broke his leg in 1999, critics wondered what would become of him following four seasons at Ferrari without a World Championship.  Look what happened next...

Emotionless Schumacher?  I don't think so.

Of course he will only start sixth due to the incident with Senna in Barcelona, and this pole will not be recorded in the history books, but I'm sure it will always hold a special place in his heart, and mine.

Maldonado's Massive Ego

Maldonado has returned to displaying his true colours.  Pundits and commentators are always so quick to jump on the bandwagon, and following his win in Barcelona they were falling over themselves to tell the world that he will be the next superstar.  The problem is, that Pastor seems to believe his own hype, thinking he can do no wrong, especially at Monaco. 

Seconds before the swipe on Perez.

Barcelona was a blip.  Swiping Lewis in Spa 2011 and then Perez in Free Practice 3 at Monaco is the real Maldonado - An unlikeable character with an overflowing amount of arrogance.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Barcelona and Valencia

The extension of the DRS zone and the Pirelli tyres did result in a more interesting race this year at Catalunya, however the news that from 2013 Barcelona will alternate with Valencia is welcomed.  Two of the more uninteresting tracks, it makes sense that one of them, essentially, is dropped each year.  Let's hope the replacement race provides more thrilling racing with full grandstands.  Or even better,  keep Spa on the calendar every year.

Small Minded Stewarding

With Pastor Maldonado taking the chequered flag at the Spanish Grand Prix, we have five different drivers from five different teams winning the first five races.  In a season that is so unpredictable where anyone seems to have a chance of winning, it makes it even more unbearable that Michael Schumacher doesn't seem to be able to finish a race. 

A five place grid penalty seems a little harsh for what was really just a misjudgment about Senna's braking area into the corner due to tyre degradation on the Williams.  Surely it was just a racing incident.  Formula One is becoming so contrived with everything being investigated.  Of course, the results of stewards decisions are different if you are called Michael Schumacher or Lewis Hamilton.  It would be interesting to find out who the ex driver steward was today.  I wouldn't be surprised if it was a driver from the 'jealous of Schumacher' camp, of which Damon Hill is the president. 

I have huge respect for Martin Brundle, who as Michael's team mate at Benetton in 1992, could have adopted the same bitter resentment towards him that others seem to have.  However he always remains professional in his commentary, maintaining an objective view about events surrounding the seven times world champion.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Mr Lazy

Mugello.  A rare chance for in season testing.  Not for Kimi though.  Raikkonen decided to let Romain Grosjean do all the testing so he could indulge himself and have some time off.  After his team mate recorded the fastest time on the final day at Mugello, maybe Kimi will live to regret his obvious lack of commitment.

I rest my case...

Chelsea and Sauber

After the inklings given on the Sauber livery at the races in China and Bahrain, it has now been confirmed that Chelsea will be entering the world of F1 in order to make themselves more visible globally.  Being two of the most popular sports it does seem inevitable that they should cross, and intertwine paths at some point.

The imminent retirement of Peter Sauber could give Roman Abramovich an opportunity to own an F1 team.  Or could  Russia hosting its first Grand Prix in 2014 could be the driving force behind the Chelsea owner making this move now?

Sauber and Chelsea though!  They are not in the same league.  Maybe Red Bull or McLaren would have been a better choice.

The Odd Couple?