Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Kimi Remembers Hunt

James Hunt was the focus of a tribute helmet worn by Kimi Raikkonen at Monaco last weekend.  It was good to see a driver display respect and admiration for a past driver other than Ayrton Senna.

There are similarities between Raikkonen and the 1976 World Champion.  When Hunt joined McLaren at the beginning of 1976 he was a rebel, a quality which obviously holds appeal for Kimi, who doesn't exactly conform to the usual expectations in Formula One.  Hunt had a lazy streak which is mirrored in the Finn.  It is no secret that James liked a drink, likewise Kimi is known for having a taste for alcohol, and the way he lives his life away from F1 is widely known.

Now Eddie Irvine is no longer driving, Kimi Raikkonen is probably the closest driver we have to the caddish seventies F1 playboy.

The difference though, is that James Hunt made no effort to hide his maverick personality which is in stark contrast to Kimi who does everything to keep his concealed.  Is the tribute because he believes he has an affinity with the legendary F1 playboy, or is there a touch of envy about the way Hunt could display his personality for all to see?

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