Saturday, 5 November 2011

Fiddling with flags and all things qualifying.

Warning! Don't fiddle with flags when in a queue of cars getting into a Grand Prix track because you will become a bit friendly with the one in front!  Witnessing this crashing incident next to us provided some great entertainment on the way into the Hungaroring for qualifying.  Chuckling finally subsided, we parked at the opposite end of the track to our seats.  This gave us a great opportunity to see a lot of the track we hadn't seen the year before as we walked round to Gold 2 grandstand.  This is the great thing about the Hungaroring, its a short track so it doesn't take long to walk round it. 
Turn 14
Rendorseg between Turn 11 and 12

Top 3 on the grid.  Pole again for Vettel.

Alonso.  Probably making faces in his helmet after being out qualified by Massa, who had been off the track a number of times during practice. 

Schumacher qualified 9th, which meant he would be right in front of us on the grid.  Whoop whoop!  Couldn't wait for the race. 


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