Saturday, 22 September 2012

A lack of drive from the Lotus drivers

The dedication of the Lotus drivers seems rather questionable as we head into the Singapore race weekend.  In a press conference prior to the weekend Kimi Raikkonen announced that there are a lot of other nice things to do besides F1 and that he is not desperate for it.  We know that Kimi has never appeared outwardly passionate about his racing, but this attitude must be rather vexing for those trying to get into the world of Formula One or indeed for those at risk of losing their drive.

When interviewed about missing the Italian GP at Monza, Romain Grosjean said it was quite positive to miss a race because he got to see the race from an outsider's perspective.  When asked whether he would be more calm in the first few laps from now on, his reply was that he hasn't made the same mistake every time so it is more complex than that.

Immature, or just cocky?

Regardless of whether the opening lap smash at Spa was his fault or just a misjudgement, he shows a remarkable immaturity in that he doesn't appear to have learned from his ban, or show the ability to reflect on himself as a driver.  His over positive slant on the whole incident seems rather misplaced.

With two drivers showing such a lack of dedication, it is no wonder that Lotus still haven't achieved a victory, despite having a car worthy of a win. 

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