Friday, 28 September 2012

Is He Worth It?

It comes as no great shock that Lewis Hamilton has signed for Mercedes for 2013, his edacity for wealth being the driving force behind the elongated contract negotiations and resulting decision. 

Lewis and new team mate Rosberg.

This could be the move that will expose Lewis as a driver whose success is largely down to having a good car.  The Ferrari is inferior to the McLaren this season but still Fernando Alonso leads the Championship.  That is the measure of a driver worthy of the ridiculous amount of money Lewis has deserted McLaren for.  

Five of Michael Schumacher's non finishes this year have been down to problems with the car.  Radio messages have shown him as a real team player apportioning no blame when things haven't gone the way he would have liked.  Liken that to the attitude of Hamilton who made several gripes about the team earlier in the season when they were experiencing pit stop problems.  How will someone who puts team telemetry on Twitter because his team mate outqualified him, cope with unreliability like the Mercedes shows?  

When Alonso left McLaren, the view that he couldn't cope with his team mate being faster than him was held by most.  Now, having seen the disrespect Lewis showed Jenson after qualifying in Belgium, makes me wonder whether it is Lewis who struggles to cope with having a competitive team mate.  After all, McLaren was a team built around Lewis making it an impossible environment for Alonso to be in.  

The most unharmonius team mate relationship since Prost and Senna.

Making the move to Mercedes has ensured that he will be made the number one driver.  For the first time ever, I will be rooting for Rosberg to win.   It would be extremely satisfying to see Lewis' over inflated opinion of himself burst in spectacular style.

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