Friday, 7 September 2012

Penalties - again

Maldonado deliberately makes a false start, takes out Timo Glock, and receives a ten place grid penalty for Monza.  Grosjean makes what appears to be an accidental misjudgement at the start of a race and is banned for the following one.  Granted, Grosjean's misdemeanour did result in the biggest opening lap crash at Spa since 1998, but it was not intentional.  Maldonado's, on the other hand, as with his other 'mistakes', appears to have been deliberate.

Crash caused by Grosjean

The incident with Maldonado and Glock

Both drivers have history in causing the end of the race for fellow drivers.  Grosjean has made contact with another driver on an opening lap six times so far this season.  Maldonado has made various dubious moves causing other drivers to retire.

Maldonado has received various penalties, but like an impetuous child, he refuses to learn from them.  Maybe he needs to be given a harsher sanction, like the one handed out to Grosjean, in order to have any effect.  Pastor missing a race would surely mean that we would see Valteri Bottas enter his first race in Formula One.  That in itself should be a reason for him to consider reforming his character and think about the consequences of his actions. 

Although Romain Grosjean has caused a lot of first lap incidents, they seem to be down to inexperience rather than deliberate manoeuvres.  Maybe, rather than being penalised, he should be supported in the form of some focused coaching.  The stewards must have considered his history when contemplating the penalty he was to be given, as it seems very harsh.  Why do they never take Maldonado's history into account when dishing out his?  Only a very cynical person would think it could be anything to do with the PDVSA sponsorship he brings ...

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